Who We Are

The Discovery Center is a campus-wide student resource located in the MU Student Success Center. We provide academic direction and support undergraduate students who are exploring multiple academic pathways, in collaboration with the Career Center, Learning Center, Transfer Center, MU Connect, and the Center for Academic Success and Excellence (CASE).

The Discovery Center Mission

Our mission is to facilitate MU students’ exploration of and engagement within the university.

What We Do

In alignment with the university’s values, the Discovery Center works collaboratively with students to help them develop and accomplish academic, career, and life goals. The academic advisor and student work together to find a fit between the student’s interests, values, and abilities and what MU offers. Ultimately, students learn to navigate and take full advantage of the university.

How It’s Done

We help students identify and reach their goals by providing:

  • Individualized advising appointments.
  • Focused classroom experiences through SSC 1150: Discover.
  • Guidance in identifying appropriate courses and majors to fulfill academic/career goals.
  • Information about academic policies and procedures, university enrichment opportunities, and university support services.
  • Facilitation of appropriate referrals to other campus resources for academic success.
  • Partnership with the MU Career Center to provide career counseling and assessments.

Discovery Center Advising Philosophy

Discovery Center advisors believe that advising facilitates student development and is a part of the educational process at MU. The Discovery Center has a developmental advising approach to foster relationships with each student as an individual, helping them build the skills necessary to navigate the university and work toward their goals. Advising supports and challenges students to become independent creators and navigators of their undergraduate experience. Students are given the opportunity to explore, while also learning about and meeting degree requirements.